Bluewater NRHS provides the residents of the State of
Michigan the experience of railroad-related events.
About Us:
Bluewater owns, preserves and operates historic rail passenger
coaches for use on passenger excursion trains.
The Chapter was established in 1982, by 22 founding members who
met in a Royal Oak, Michigan hobby shop.
Both Chapter and Historical Society operate as entirely volunteer, non-
profit and tax-exempt organizations.
Bluewater's excursion program offers an experience of living history
and gives passengers a railroad perspective on Michigan's historic
In addition to excursions, the Chapter's mission includes:
Maintenance of the Chapter's historical archives and library
Promotion of railroad grade crossing safety through participation in the
Association of American Railroads' "Operation Lifesaver" program
Sponsorship of railroad memorabilia shows
Welcome to the Bluewater Michigan Chapter of the
National Railway Historical Society
About the NRHS:
    The National Railroad Historical Society is a national, non-profit
    group made up of over 170 chapters nationwide. Bluewater is one
    of these chapters. When you join Bluewater, you also become a
    member of the NRHS, and receive its publications. For more
    information on the NRHS, visit the NRHS web page. The link will
    open up in a new window.
Bluewater Membership Meeting:
Every 2nd Thursday of the Month
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A passenger de-training
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